Egyptian MummyThe museum’s Egyptology collection is one of our smaller collections. The material was collected in the Victorian and early 20th century period, when Egyptology was a national fascination and arrived at the museum through various different routes. This collection was one of the earliest to be added to the museum.

Our Egyptian mummy Hatemiu, forms the core of our Egyptian collection. Hatemiu dates to 350-305 BC and was a boy who died at approximately 12-13 years of age. He was buried in an ancient town called Akhmim in Upper Egypt and arrived at Swindon Museum in the 1920’s. Hatemiu, his painted wooden coffin and grave goods are on display in our Egyptian Gallery.

Along with Hatemiu the Egyptology collection also contains pre-dynastic pottery dating to 2400-2000BC, flint hand tools and other examples of grave goods.

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