Swindon’s Archaeology in Context: Excavating our archaeological collections and sharing Swindon’s ancient histories

Roman Coin

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery (SM&AG) has successfully bid to receive £62,000 from the HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) for an exciting two year project called ‘Swindon’s Archaeology in Context’.

‘In Context’ will run until August 2018 and its main aims are to improve the cataloguing, storage and condition of the archaeology collections, review the way we collect archaeological material, promote the collection as a resource for researchers and refresh the archaeology currently displayed at SM&AG.  Work on this collection is particularly timely; the anticipated expansion of Swindon in the coming years is likely to produce a large amount of archaeological material which will be transferred to SM&AG to be cared for in the long term.

Look out for changes to our archaeology gallery, updates via social media, ‘Pick of the Month’ displays and other activities around SM&AG.

Hidden Potential

In 2014 Swindon Museum & Art Gallery received £80,100 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) towards an exciting project: Hidden Potential – Understanding, Centralising, Caring for and Sharing Swindon’s Stored Collections.

The project aimed to improve our understanding of the size and nature of the museum’s extensive collections, make recommendations on future storage needs and improve access to the collections.  Over the course of two years we worked with a dedicated team of volunteers to catalogue, document and pack nearly 10,000 objects.  We were able to share around 1,000 objects from our stores, online, as our choice of ‘pick of the month’ or in our exhibition, ‘Swindon in 175 images’.  Some of the objects are now on long-term display in our refreshed Natural World and Made in Swindon Galleries.

With a lot of hard work we have been able to care better for objects, learn more about them and make staff, volunteer and researcher access to objects easier. This means we can identify future projects and improvements, and makes applying for funding and participating in existing projects and research much more straight-forward.

Previous Projects

NaturalNWG World Gallery Refresh, July 2015

Luisa, a student on the Museum Studies MA at Bath Spa University, worked with the team to fully catalogue the collections on display in the Natural World Gallery.  She was able to improve the way the collections are displayed, as well as displaying some of the stored collections in the refreshed gallery.

Christmas Traditions

We love Christmas so as well as decorating the museum to look as festive as possible in 2015, we also thought we’d find out about what traditions our visitors enjoy. You can find out more about what we discovered here.

Engagement Manager

Our Engagement Manager role was funded by Arts Council England and the post worked with individuals, groups (history, heritage and art), educational establishments and community organisations to assist them in accessing and experiencing the Swindon Museum & Art Gallery collections of art and history. We recognise the importance of strong relationships with groups and individuals and are always keen to forge new links to ensure we make the most of our art, history and heritage in Swindon.

Postcard for Swindon, July 2015A Postcard for Swindon

Laurence Dube-Rushby, a Salisbury-based artist, undertook a community art project, funded through Arts Council England, which engaged with the people of Swindon to capture memories, life stories and backgrounds.  Laurence has created a ‘Postcard for Swindon’ that is on display on hoardings close to the proposed site for the new Swindon Museum & Art Gallery.

You can hear Laurence talking to some of the people she met by visiting her YouTube page.

The 6 postcards are on display on the hoardings in Temple Street/Regent Street in Swindon town centre and will be available to view until early 2016.

Swindon Foyer ProjectSwindon Foyer Project, April 2015

Swindon Foyer is a 57 flat facility run by Stonewater Housing Association for 16-25 year olds. As one of their neighbours, Swindon Museum & Art Gallery worked with residents to create a mural within the communal garden of Swindon Foyer, designed and painted by residents, using the art and history collections as inspiration with the assistance of an artist.

Project groupPop-Up Museum, October 2014

Swindon Museum & Art Gallery staged an exhibition entitled ‘Swindon Town Centre : Past, Present and Future’ exploring the rapid changes to the heart of Swindon. The three-day event was staged in partnership with Broadgreen and Queenstown History Group, The Swindon Society, Swindon Viewpoint, Wilts & Berks Canal Trust, Swindon Libraries, and the Museum of Computing. Swindon’s Artsite group held a Big Draw event as part of the Family Arts Festival, encouraging younger visitors to draw their own versions of famous Swindon places and faces.

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